Located on the northeast side of North Florida Regional's campus, The Cancer Center includes outpatient medical and radiation oncology services as well as a number of advanced treatment options. These services allow us to treat tumors that were previously considered untreatable, while minimizing your time and discomfort. We also offer other resources and accommodations to answer your questions, to make sure that you are comfortable and that your time here is spent smoothly.

The new $10 million, two story expansion, connects Florida Cancer Specialists to the existing Cancer Center at North Florida Regional Healthcare and will more than double the size of the building. Placing all cancer services in the same building provides improved convenience for patients in the Gainesville community. The rapidly growing Florida Cancer Specialist's practice will work closely with North Florida Regional Hospital and North Florida Radiation Oncology to provide comprehensive services situated in a convenient central location. We proudly offer patients the utmost in functional, modern space and cutting-edge technologies. At the Cancer Center, we are committed to setting a new standard in cancer treatment and demonstrating the true power of what community oncology can be.

The Cancer Center Resource and Education Room

Have questions? Adjacent to our waiting room, the Cancer Resource Room has books, brochures, reference materials and internet access so patients, families and caregivers can research cancer-related topics.