The SAVI® breast brachytherapy applicator is the latest advancement in the delivery of radiation treatment for women with early-stage breast cancer. The Cancer Center of North Florida Regional Healthcare is designated as a Center of Excellence in Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) for offering this advanced technology.

Breast brachytherapy is an approach that uses radiation to treat the lumpectomy cavity and the surrounding tissue from within the breast. SAVI allows your radiation oncologist to deliver radiation precisely where it is needed most.

If you have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, you might be eligible for 5-day radiation therapy with SAVI. Please ask your doctor if SAVI is appropriate for you. More information about Advanced Partial Breast Irradiation and other women who have chosen it as their treatment is available online.

To learn more about SAVI, visit the SAVI Sisters' website.

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