Questions for Your Physicians and Providers

It is important to understand fully the potential benefits, side effects and goals of treatment. Your physician and treatment team are available to answer any questions you may have during treatment. They are the best source of accurate information about your particular case.

Coping with a diagnosis of cancer and researching the various treatment options can be a stressful experience. To assist you in this process, you may want to ask your physician and providers some of the following questions.

  1. What type and stage of cancer do I have?
  2. What type of treatment will I have?
  3. How will my treatment be administered – how will it work?
  4. How many individual treatments will I receive? How often will they be scheduled and for how long a time period?
  5. What are the chances my treatment will work? What other treatment options do I have?
  6. Will I be able to continue my normal activities?
  7. What side effects may occur from the radiation and how are they managed?
  8. Will radiation therapy affect my sex life or my ability to have children?
  9. Do I need to take any special precautions during treatment?
  10. Do I need a special diet during or after my treatment?
  11. How often do I need to return for checkups?
  12. How and when will you know if I am cured of cancer?
  13. What are the chances that the cancer may return?
  14. How should I prepare for this financially?
  15. Can you recommend support groups for myself and my family?