Allison Grow completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in applied math and theoretical physics. Her interest in medicine was rekindled while teaching college physics at Florida A&M University, and she eventually moved to California to attend Stanford School of Medicine. She continued to enjoy teaching enormously throughout her medical training, working as a teaching assistant in human anatomy and as a physics lecturer for a team-taught interdisciplinary undergraduate science course. After working with cancer patients on a surgical oncology rotation, she discovered the discipline of radiation oncology, which allowed her to combine patient care with her past interest in physics.

Dr. Grow remained at Stanford for residency training and appreciated the opportunity to learn from the Stanford doctors who invented the CyberKnife. Dr. Grow returned home to Florida to help launch the CyberKnife Cancer Center in Jacksonville. Now a part of the team at The Cancer Center, Dr. Grow is glad to be a part of a medical community as strong as the one surrounding North Florida Regional and is excited to be a part of helping to make the powerful technique of radiosurgery widely available in Gainesville and throughout North Central Florida. In 2013, The Cancer Center celebrated the treatment of the 1000th patient with the CyberKnife.  Watch this video to hear from Dr. Grow herself.

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Dr. Grow is also excited about the designation of SAVI Center of Excellence for The Cancer Center.  The SAVI device is used in Advanced Partial Breast Irradiation.  While not all patients are candidates for APBI, those who are can benefit from the treatment precision it offers that is delivered in a very brief period of time.  Watch this video to listen to Dr. Grow as she is interviewed about Advanced Partial Breast Irradiation.

Dr. Allison Grow Discusses Advanced Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)

While Dr. Grow enjoys the broad range of diseases treatable with the CyberKnife, she takes a particular interest in treatment of lung cancer. She has reported results of her research on early-stage lung and other cancers and PET imaging response after radiosurgery at various national conferences. Away from work, Dr. Grow enjoys choral music, playing piano and flute, hiking, traveling, reading, baking and spending time with her growing family.


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