Dr. Christopher Balamucki earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with a double minor in Chemistry and Biology from Virginia Tech.   He was the fourteenth student to be awarded the Honors Baccalaureate Degree in the history of the University Honors Program at Virginia Tech.  He went on to earn his Medical Degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. While there, he completed an internship with Wake Forest’s Baptist Medical Center. Shortly after, he arrived in Gainesville to complete his residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Florida.

While Dr. Balamucki is experienced in treating a wide range of cancers, he has researched and published his work in head & neck, skin and GI cancers in addition to trigeminal neuralgia treated with Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Of note, he has a specialized interest in treating head and neck and skin cancers.  Dr. Balamucki has also authored articles for the community about the connection between HPV and head & neck cancer in addition to skin cancer published in Good Life Community Magazine and online.  See more at:

The Hot Topic in Head and Neck Cancer – HPV

Skin Cancer – Minimize Sun Exposure and Avoid Tanning Beds!

He has been featured in Good Life Community Magazine and online.

Dr. Balamucki is very passionate about cancer awareness and education within his community.  He has partnered with WCJB-TV20 to increase understanding within our community of skin cancers, their impact and how to change the continuing increase of these cancers. Watch these videos to hear more of what Dr. Balamucki hopes we all will learn.

Dr. Balamucki participates in the national society of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO).


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